About Me

I'm a software engineer with both front-end and back-end experience. Clean and performant code is a passion of mine, as is contributing to efforts in environmental or health information spaces. Tech interests include automation scripting, computer-vision, machine learning, and microservice orchestration. Non-tech interests include swimming, music, and survival games.


Languages & Frameworks

JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js, React, Python, ArcGIS JS


MongoDB, PosgreSQL, MySQL


Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), GIT, CI / CD, Microservices, Figma, Functional Programming, WordPress


18F openFDA API Challenge | Blue Raster

A prototype map visualization for an API providing food recall information.

Texas Water Explorer | The Nature Conservancy

A dashboard to visualize water metrics using geodata.

STATcompiler | The DHS Program

A data visualization and selection tool, allowing users to explore data in chart or map formats.

Surveys Overview Map | The DHS Program

DHS's interactive map detailing what surveys have been conducted in what countries.

SDR Indicator Data | The DHS Program

A tool to help users specify the selection and format of geodata for health surveys run by the DHS and other organizations.

Ellisdale Construction

WordPress site for a local construction business to display projects. Made to be easily edited by client.

Square 134 Architects

Portfolio site for an architecture firm. Built with WordPress.

Hobby Projects

Pokemon Go Automation Assistant

Automates trading, and gift sending/receiving. Project uses Node and adb, rendering a React application in the terminal to provide status, control options, and launch functions.

Puzzle and Dragon Bot

Tool to automatically solve and execute solution for the mobile matching game Puzzle and Dragon. Project involves both server and client components, uing Node, adb, and fastify. Implements an api to expose functionality to client.

Ink Components

A small library of UI components to use with Ink.js. for rendering terminal UIs.

Extended Map Icons | Don't Starve

A game mod that adds extra map icons, project uses a Node script to generate appropriate game Lua files from image assets.

Obedient Companions | Don't Starve

Another mod that adds functionality, uses Lua scripting to add stay/recall functionality to companions.


Digital Infuzion

Software Engineer, January 2023 - Present


Software Engineer, March 2020 - January 2023

Gypsy Floors

IT Adminisrator, January 2016 - March 2020

Blue Raster

Software Engineer, June 2013 - Dec 2016